application managed services

Every year more and more global companies are taking advantage of the low cost countries to leverage the cost and operations. US based companies are joining this model for cost savings and for better support round the clock.

InfoWeb’s Application Management is geared towards those companies that need to expand their global sourcing strategy with domestic operations capabilities. Our Onshore service delivery approach allows companies to optimize cost without having to create large-scale offshore service delivery teams, and provides a much greater level of integration, control, and overall risk management. InfoWeb’s Application Management Services augment our customer’s development and production teams with a tightly integrated off-site delivery centers, resulting in seamless service delivery and clear alignment with business requirements.

Application Managed Services include:

  • Legacy system support
  • Web application support that are hosted on WebSphere, Tomcat, IIS, Apache environments.
  • Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Document issues for references