Quality Assurance & Testing

Software Quality is a critical factor for user acceptance of any newly developed applications. A software that is developed with lot of development time but not tested very well is bound to fail. The only way to deploy the software is testing using various methodologies with several cycles.
InfoWeb offers a comprehensive range of software testing services designed to ensure high-quality software. With years of software development experience, where software testing was part of the Software Development Life Cycle, we have helped our clients to achieve cost and time benefits. Our testing services cover all stages of a typical testing lifecycle, right from formulation of test strategy to the delivery of the final result.
  • Develop Use Cases
  • Write Test cases and create them in Quality Center
  • Software Functionality Testing
  • Test Plan Development
  • Regression Testing
  • Integrated testing
  • Software Usability Testing
  • Load and Performance Testing
  • Automated Testing Services
  • Compatibility Testing

InfoWeb also works on the following models:


Led by our QA managers, we deploy the testing team for the complete life cycle of software development. Our team will prepare test cases, test plans, and will work with several testing strategies to make the application bullet proof.



The role based testing limits certain areas of testing. We work with clients and their testing team to augment their testing team and test the areas where we can help.